Beautiful Things….

One of the reasons I love Pinterest so much is that there are loads of beautiful things on there that I can drool over!! It’s not only there that I love to browse, online shopping is amazing for that!!

I love all sorts of pretty things plants, vases, pictures, jewelry and the list goes on!!!!

Having things in our home that we not only love but that we find beautiful is really important. These things don’t have to be expensive – or we could save for something that is a bit pricey but give us so much joy it is worth every penny!!

I’m going to make everything around me beautfiul – that will be my life.

Elsie de Wolfe.

I have recently found the most gorgeous ring! It is from Hersey&son who are an amazing silversmith company. They have some absolutely gorgeous pieces and prices start from £15!!

I have given my hubby the list of things I want for valentines day… it’s the only way I will get what I want 🙂 He is very good but why risk it lol!

If you would like to buy anything from Hersey&son please click on my links either on here on my homepage. I am an affiliate but only get the recognition if you click through my site. They are worth the visit as they have over 600 beautiful pieces – something for everyone!

Thanks Helen xx