10 Reasons to own a Rabbit – as an adult!!!

I am a huge rabbit fan… they are cute little bundles of fluff that I could watch for hours.

Most people see them as good pets for kids but to be honest I disagree. We had a rabbit when I was a kid called ‘bunny’ – I know original right?! 🙂 She was a Netherland dwarf and I swear she was half rabbit/ half Tasmanian devil.

The only person who could get near her to pick her up was my dad – and he had to wear gloves!

Far from being the perfect cuddly pet she sadly was feared by both me and my sister and as a consequence we kept a wide berth!

As a parent I let my daughter have a rabbit which she adored but got bored of…she couldn’t pick him up like she wanted and although she looked after him really well he unfortunately wasn’t well and died whilst still young.

We remained rabbit free until recently when I decided I wanted – no I needed a rabbit!! Only I didn’t just get 1 – I got 3!!!

Meet Barley ( black lop) Bramble ( black and white) and Biscuit (white)

I admit to getting a little carried away but once we had Barley I found out about bramble and biscuit who needed a home and I couldn’t say no!!

So as I am now a mad rabbit lady (bit like a mad cat lady but cooler ;)) I have put together my top 10 reasons to have a pet rabbit as an adult –

1. They are super cute!!! – I mean just look at them!

2. In my opinion rabbits respond much better to adults- they prefer a calm owner who doesn’t jump about, squeal loudly and try to pick them up at every opportunity. I know we all know adults like this though 😂

3. They can live indoors or outdoors. Perfect if you have a flat but also great if you have a bit of a garden. They need space to run around in but are quite happy in a hutch for short periods.

Set up for my girls

4. They are entertaining! Given enough space to run and explore you will be able to watch your rabbit for hours! They do the funniest things like binkies – yep that is an actual rabbit term!!!

5. They are loving when treated properly. Rabbits need time to learn to trust you. Plenty of time just sat with them will eventually get you a rabbit who will come for a head rub or a cuddle. They all have individual personalities and some will be more reserved but generally they only act out when they are scared or hormonal.

6. They are good for mental health. Having a. Rabbit gives you something to care for, take your mind off your troubles and the cuddles lower anxiety and lift your mood

7. They are relatively cheap to keep. The biggest outlay is a hutch and run. Rabbits need as much space as you can give them so bigger is definitely better. Food is easy to get and doesn’t cost the earth either.

Indoor playtime

8. Rabbit waste is amazing for the garden! Let it compost awhile and I promise your garden will thank you for it – plus if you have extra anyone with an allotment might even pay you a couple of quid for a large bag!!

9. Insurance and vet plans are reasonable for rabbits. I would always recommend pet insurance and a monthly vet plan for any pet unless you have a back up credit card with a decent limit for emergencies. Rabbit cover with a vets plan and insurance is usually around £10 – £15 a month for basic cover. This does depend on the breed and age of your rabbit but is definitely worth it if you have an injury prone bunny!!

10. I know it was number 1. But it needs a second mention. THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!!!