I’m Helen..I have a husband, 4 kids and a job.

I also have a very ordinary life.

I get up take kids to school, go to work, pick kids up, make tea, do housework, watch tv, go to bed…. and then I do it all again the next day and the next and the next!

I’m no different to thousands of you out there. We have ordinary lives.

The thing is I realised I had stopped seeing the beauty in mine. The ordinary mundane routine had taken over and I was becoming more unsettled, unhappy and frustrated with each day that passed.

I love writing and researching, reading and learning. I wanted everything in one place – my blog was born.

It’s a way for me to inspire, educate and uplift. To find ways to make life more beautiful for not just me but for anyone who needs it.

If it helps just one person I’ll be happy…

Join me on my journey to make an ordinary life more beautiful, more fulfilling and filled with love and happiness.

Helen x