A typical day on the Exante Diet!

I have tried every diet… weight watchers, slimming world, keto, noom, to name a few. They all worked with varying degrees of success but for one reason or another I could never stick to them.
Exante is a meal replacement diet with hundreds of products.. most of which I love!!
Exante for me gives me good results and although it takes an immense amount of willpower and determination, it’s worth it when I get on the scales.
I have 8 stone to lose, so after the initial big weight loss on week 1 of other diets a loss of 1/2 a pond a week although perfectly healthy is a struggle for me mentally. Exante for me is different.
I also have a problem with food – if I didn’t I wouldn’t be this size. I find removing food and having meal replacements helps. I don’t snack and I only have 1 meal to plan which removes a lot of stress for me. Earlier this year I lost over a stone on Exante, then lockdown hit and I stopped trying to lose weight. I have managed to keep most of it off but I need to crack on and lose the rest of this weight.
I am starting on week 3 today. My first week I lost 5lbs. Second week I lost 2lbs. I am hoping for 3 or 4 lbs this week.


This was breakfast (200 cals).. and it was lush! I had coffee and 500 mls of water and am just about to have lunch which is soup (200 cals).
After lunch I’ll have a cup of coffee and another 500 mls of water – maybe more. Tea tonight will be a 400 – 600 cal meal. I make family friendly food – I’ll blog about this later.. Then after tea I will drink a litre of juice (sugar free) over the course of the evening and have 1 more pack as a dessert before bed. My total calorie allowance for the day is between 1000 – 1200 cals per day. This works for me and I’ve found it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things And see great results. Yes I’m sometimes hungry but that happens on any diet and yes I have days when I have the odd treat, but it suits me and I love it.

Helen xx

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