I Am A Deeply Feeling Person

I wear my heart on my sleeve is what people would say if they described me. There’s no hiding how I feel. And I feel a lot.

I have always seen this as a weakness. I empathise so deeply that I am emotional. There is no hiding this – so I just roll with it and carry plenty of tissues 😂

I can and do cry a lot which is not always great and can make me feel less than capable of dealing with life but – I also laugh a lot and feel joy often.

My life is full and I appreciate every emotion – it has taken a long time to realise that actually feeling so deeply and empathising so much is a gift.

This empathy – this connection I feel to others is not a weakness it’s a strength. It’s the reason I do well in my job (which is in social care), because I feel so deeply. I care – not because it’s my job but because it’s built in to me.

I don’t always enjoy it- it’s draining and sometimes I’d like not to care. I’d like to be able to walk away and forget about something that may keep me awake for hours or make my tummy feel a little uneasy. BUT I am who I am and I was most definitely born with an empathy towards others.

Realising and accepting ourselves takes time and is hard. We maybe even only really start thinking about it when time has passed and the real need for understanding has long gone but nevertheless acceptance brings peace.

Love Helen x

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