Sunny days = holiday days – it should be law!!!

So I’ve come up with a plan that I think the government in the UK should really consider!

A rare clear blue sky!!

When the weather is sunny like this and the temperature is above 25 degrees we should all have a day off! I hate working when I could be at home sunbathing 😂😂

My theory is sound… we have very few days like this in England – particularly the north of England, so it wouldn’t cost the economy too much. Plus the benefit to our mental health would mean we are a better workforce and just nicer people in general!! See I’ve really thought about it!!

In reality it’s my lunch break and I have to snatch 45 minutes of lovely sun and fresh air before going back into my cave (office) which has no natural light and poor ventilation!! I am not bitter though (not too much anyway) I have a job which gives me the money to buy lovely things.

I am hoping we have a lovely summer with plenty of days like this for when I am not working. I have to be honest though – if I hear someone complain about the weather being ‘too hot’ I might kill them!! 🙄😊 I mean come on – it happens so rarely…ENJOY IT!!!!

Ah well … as I have no influence with the UK government at all I will just enjoy my break and count down the hours until home time. I hope you guys are enjoying the weather wherever you are!!!

Love Helen x

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