Getting my gardening on!!!

I love being outside in my garden. It’s not huge and is definitely a work in progress!! I have always loved pottering and it definitely helps my mental health and overall well being.

This year I have decided to grow lots of beautiful things from flowers to veggies and really get involved in my garden. I so prefer being in the garden to cleaning my house so it’s a perfect excuse 😂

I am starting with container growing and will try to get a couple of raised beds ready for planting in early summer.

Pots on the deck…

I am a complete newbie to veg growing so it’s going to be a steep learning curve. I don’t have a huge amount of space so this is going to be a challenge.

I am lucky to have a mostly south facing garden so sun isn’t an issue…that’s if the good old British weather blesses us this year!! I don’t have a greenhouse but have a conservatory that I can use. I’m planning on buying a couple of cold frames too. Eeek!! I’m excited!!!!!

I have been on YouTube for hours watching videos. My favourites are Kelly’s Kitchen Garden and Check them out – I have learnt loads already!!! I’ve also been quizzing my Dad for info. His garden is HUGE and he has his very own allotment at the end of it!! I’ll do a tour soon as it really is something to see to believe!!

Here is a quick video of my garden. It’s on a slope and is weedy and needs a bit of attention but it shows what I’ve got to work with!! I’m excited to show you the transformation and updated throughout the year!!

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