5 Tips to Stay on Track!

Being on any diet is hard – no matter how simple the plan is. I hope that makes sense 🙂 Here are 5 tips I have found help me stick to it….

  • BUILD a support network NOW. Join a community or the social media group for your chosen plan.  Don’t wait until you are struggling to stick at things, build relationships now so that you have got support from those who know exactly what you are going through. Any kind of diet plan is hard, it may even be the toughest journey of your life but having people to call on when you need it is a must.
  • CREATE an inspiration page – either in a journal if you like something physical to stick pictures in (we crafters love a bit of gluing and sticking) or on the internet. Make it private so only you can see it and put photos on of you now. Then add quotes, pictures, ideas, rewards – whatever it takes to get you determined and your motivation pumped. This is a private thing – its personal to you. This allows you to really explore your reasons why – and to keep those in the front of your mind if you are having a bad day.
  • CHART IT – Get a weight loss chart and FILL IT IN!! You can make your own or use one from the internet. I have made one for myself that I fill in – here is a link to see what I mean. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSEzq-VzHiCHNyVYbGb07nzj9ir50LWhnCZIkfdW2NCuNU4-S1YRtyuisS45Pcg4qwX-QJVRF2NyBqf/pub
  • ENJOY your diet – if it isn’t bringing you happiness. STOP. You absolutely do not have to do something that you are not enjoying and that doesn’t suit you. The great thing about Exante is that there are a variety of plans and ways to use the products. I can replace all of my meals so I don’t have to think about anything – its all done for me.  Or I can mix and match it with my life, using the plan to fit around me and not the other way around, Its a personal thing but believe me I have tried A LOT of diets. Choose the plan that is sustainable for you. I am currently using 3 packs and making a 200 cal meal. 
  • Understand this will be a life long Journey. I have been on some kind of diet for years and haven’t always been successful. I have lost weight, maintained, put weight on, lost weight, put it on and so the journey continues. For those of us who struggle with our weight we will probably always have to think about our diet and have it as a managed aspect of our lives. The goal for many of us is to be at our ideal weight. The thing is even when we get there we still have to keep an eye on things therefore the journey continues. Whether you are just starting out, are at a weight you don’t want to be at – and that can be both under weight or over weight, or you are happy with your weight its all a journey. Accept its a journey and a lifelong commitment. In my opinion only when we accept this can we forgive ourselves if we have a bad day. 1 bad day, 1 bad month, 1 bad year doesn’t make a lifetime, we can restart, retry and renew our commitment to ourselves and the journey.

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