Grey day happiness – how to be cheerful when the weather sucks!!

I live in the UK where our weather is often variable. We don’t really have cold snowy winters and hot sun filled summers. We tend to have weather that is changeable. It is often grey, cloudy and wet. The only thing that changes is the temperature. It’s either cold or a bit warmer lol – we have maybe 3 weeks hot weather a year but even that is split into odd days!

Dull days can make you feel dull 😦

It’s sometimes hard to be positive and feel excited about life when outside is dull and grey, especially if like me you are a sun worshipper who lives outside in the summer.

Dull days especially in the winter time can be difficult. It’s harder to be positive and proactive when all you want to do is curl up by a fire and sleep. I actually admire bears to be honest. Hibernating in winter is an awesome idea!!!

So how do we find joy in days like these? How can we be cheerful when even the weather is sad.

Did you ever have wet playtimes at school? These were days where the weather was so bad outside that we couldn’t play out but had to stay in the classroom. Do you remember these? I do and I loved them. I never felt fed up or annoyed – the reason for this was because on days like this we had ‘special’ toys that we could only play with on wet playtimes. We could write on the blackboard and play board games.

This got me thinking what if we kept something special for dull days where we felt fed up. What if we reserved a hobby or an activity for days where the weather stopped us doing what we had planned? Or was just getting us down?

I have a dull day playlist on my phone. These are uplifting sing along pop songs that make me happy. If I’m feeling fed up I can put this on and by song 5 I’m singing at the top of my voice, feeling much better!

Getting outside even when the weather is bad can be good. I love gardening and if I waited for a sunny day I could be waiting awhile. Making myself wrap up and go out does help me feel like I’ve accomplished something. This does take a lot of discipline though and I have to be honest if it’s raining then I’m definitely staying in!

I suppose what I’m saying is have a plan. Don’t wait for dull, miserable days to decide what you are going to do.

Have something in reserve – something special that you either do or somewhere you go when the dull days have got to you.

Below is a few ideas you might want give a try:

Plan a holiday. It doesn’t have to be real. You don’t have to go. The idea is you decide where you want to go and everything that it entails. It could e all inclusive 5 star escape or a cruise – or a trekking trip in Nepal!! The escapism this brings is fabulous!!! This is one of my favourite things to do.

Start writing a book- it could be your autobiography, a book based on your career, a horror novel or even a murder mystery! Harness you inner Roald Dhal, J K Rowling or E L James – whatever takes your fancy!!

If you don’t feel like writing a book then read one or listen to one on audio books – try something different to your normal reads. Try something new.

Watch funny you tube videos – I love watching carpool karaoke or ladbaby if I’m feeling fed up. There’s always funny pet videos too!!

People watch in a cafe – go to your nearest cafe, grab a drink and a piece of cake and watch the world go by.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration… let me know what works for you!!

Good luck!

Helen xx

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