On it!!! Diet day 3 – it’s all about mindset!

Believe me when I say I haven’t got to day 3 on any diet or eating plan for a loooong time!

It’s definitely all about mindset. I am determined and feel positive that I can do this.

There have been tons of time when I have said right I’m starting today and by lunch have thought, oh sod it! And then eaten something really unhealthy.

Or I have managed a day and when I haven’t woken up at my target weight the next day have given up and gone back to over eating!

When I write it down it sounds ridiculous. I suppose it is but having a weight problem is hard. It’s hard mentally and physically.

For me – food is my comfort, my pleasure, it is what I have always done to praise myself or when I have felt really sad – which struggling with depression has been quite a lot!!

I know I need to start dealing with my emotional eating so will be looking into that more but for now I’m riding the determination train!!

My breakfast today!!! Not attractive! Lol it’s supposed to be lemon pancake but it stuck a bit 😂 – it tasted really nice so that’s the main thing! Will definitely buy them again!!

Check out http://www.exantediet.com to see what it’s all about.

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