I haven’t killed anyone -yet!

I have started to diet. Today is day 1 and despite a few close calls I haven’t physically harmed anyone…..the day is not quite over though so there’s still time!

I have decided to kick start my weight loss with Exante – a meal replacement type diet.

So the idea is you have shakes, soups, bars for 3 meals with a 200 cal meal from a set foods list – mainly protein and veg. You also have to drink tons of water.

http://www.exantediet.com – here’s the website.

Today I had a toffee shake for brekkie, cherries and berries shake for lunch.

I have been at work today (my proper job) and it’s been tough. I resisted my usual chip butty for lunch, the delicious cake brought in by a colleague and all of the biscuits that seem to appear!!

Tea was chicken and broccoli with a chocolate coconut bar. I am now ready for bed!

I mean – what else am I going to do!

I know a lot of you will frown at a meal replacement type diet and yep I get it… it’s not really solving the habits that got me here. The thing is I’ve done this type of diet before and for me removing food from the equation and being so super strict works. Granted it makes me grumpier than hell but it works!!

My plan is to do this meal replacement thing for a while and then to re-introduce food. I am not sure how long for. I think it depends on a few things – money being one of them as although not mega expensive it’s still an outlay I haven’t really planned for.

I have enough for about a week before I will need to order more so we will see how I am doing. I will definitely keep you updated and will link my blog posts together so you can keep track of my progress!

Please pray for my family – I can sense they are in for a rough time 😂😂 Only joking.

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