Monday Mindfulness

Today I have decided to look into mindfulness.

It’s very much a buzz word nowadays and there are literally hundreds of courses and pieces of info on how to be mindful and how mindfulness can help change peoples lives.

I have meditated in the past – well I think I have.

I have an app on my phone that has a feature on it that sounds like rainfall. Whenever I feel wound up or like I can’t clear my head I put my ‘rain music’ on. It definitely relaxes me as I’m usually asleep within minutes!!

Mindfulness is basically taking time out of your day to concentrate on the here and now. Being present without judgement. So for example if you go for a mindful walk you concentrate on the walk with every sense. You see the sights, hear every sound and pay attention to every detail without distraction.

Mindfulness has been proven to relieve stress, help our mental health and even improve our physical health. There are 100s of research papers that have shown mindfulness can help anxiety, depression, stress relief, trauma, chronic pain, addiction and even psoriasis.

Mindfulness sounds like a powerful thing!!! I’m in!!!

So my first step was to find someone who knows what they are doing. I downloaded ‘ The little book of mindfulness’ by Dr Patrizia Collard.

Dr Collard invites us to join her to connect with life – to really feel it. Just 10 minutes every day will help us enrich our experience of life and help our bodies and minds stay healthy and well.

I tried the first step… following her tips on posture and preparing for mindfulness I sat on my bed with a blanket on me…

The exercise is called – Look around you and live longer….

The idea is to pick a focus on a new aspect of life. Pick something new to focus on that you hadn’t deeply considered before. To consider how it came into life, how many people brought it into being, what it needs to continue.

I had to do this for 5 minutes. I better set a timer. I’ve also found some relaxing music to help keep me focused… here goes.

I managed! I did a whole 5 minutes. It was tougher than I had imagined to be honest. I decided to focus on a swan as we saw some on our walk yesterday. My mind did wander but I kept bringing it back to the swan – thinking about what it looked like, how it swam, how graceful they are.

Brrrrrr – his legs must be cold??

I don’t really know if I feel any better or any different. I know this is something to do consistently over time so I will carry on and keep you updated. Have a go yourself and let me know how you get on….

Love Helen xx

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