3 Tips for a fulfilled weekend

I love weekends! They are the best part of the week, 2 whole days of no work. Free time to do what I want!!!

Thing is, they are easy wasted and are gone in a flash!

I have started scheduling my time, which although sounds a bit boring has absolutely changed my weekends for the better.

1. 4 hours chill time each day!!

It doesn’t matter when but you sit on your sofa and you DON’T move! I usually get up in a morning on a weekend and watch catch up TV. I make a brew and binge watch whatever shows I have missed during the week.

This time is for you…so paint your nails, read a book, sleep – whatever you need to do to relax and chill. The only rule for this that you don’t do anything else.. this is you time!!

2. 4 hours – Housework / Chores

I don’t know about you but by the weekend my house needs some serious TLC and I have washing coming out of my ears!

I dedicate 4 hours for this each day on a weekend. It might seem a lot but if you break it up into sessions it’s not too bad.

Sometimes it will be a non stop blitz – other times I break it up into 1 hour sessions with lots of coffee breaks!! I have to be strict on myself though – I HATE cleaning. I am no Mrs Hinch – although I wish I was!

So..put some music on, sing your way through the hours and this time will go quicker than you think!!

3. Lastly – 4 Hours on your Hobby.

It could be that you run and this is the time to pencil in a long run.

You could be a photographer and make plans to go somewhere to take pictures.

You could be a crafter like me who dabbles in all sorts of different crafts.

A reader who loves a good book – although be warned with this one… I struggle putting a good book down!!

It may be spending time with your loved ones – socialising with friends – walking the dog! Whatever it is spend time doing it!!

At first this can seem a little but much – a bit restrictive. You don’t have to have this kind of schedule every weekend – I don’t! However when I feel like my weekends are wasted then I stick to the plan. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your house, at how relaxed you’ll feel and how fulfilled your weekends will be.

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